The Town of Pavel Banya, Bulgaria

The mineral waters of Bulgaria have various compositions, which determine what medical conditions may be treated in the respective balneo resort. The mineral water of Pavel Banya is characterized by weak mineralization (low quantity of dry matter per liter, about 2 grams) and hyperthermality – 57 to 59 degrees Celsius at the spring. The water is rich of hydrocarbon, metasilicon, radon, and fluorine. The combination of mineral water, performance factors, kinesitherapeutic methods, and thermal procedures, delivered in modern settings, allows us to offer a full range of rehabilitation capabilities, and recently wellness and spa procedures as well.

— Dr. Minev

Pavel banya is located in the middle of the Rose Valley, between the towns of Kazanlak and Karlovo. The town is near Stara Planina, at the foothills of Sredna Gora, and is easily accessible from any region of the country. Pavel Banya is a balneo resort with long traditions. The mineral waters were discovered in the beginning of the twentieth century, and the balneotherapeutic procedures have been continuously expanding since the 1970s. Nowadays the resort offers a variety of balneo treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. In 1978 Pavel Banya was incorporated as a town and serves as the administrative center of Pavel Banya Municipality.

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Meet Dr. Minev

Manager and Senior Specialist
Medical Center Avicenna–Markoni