Contacts - Balneo Hotel Markoni

  • Address: Pavel Banya, 1 Knyaz Pavel Street
  • Phone:+359 431/50007
  • Phone: +359 885/05-93-31
  • Phone: +359 893/67-77-92
  • Fax:+359 431/50006

  • For payment of reservations:
  • IBAN:BG16BPBI79351054077801
  • Receiver: Markoni MDS Ltd
  • Post Bank, Kazanlak Branch.

  • The payment order must include:
  • - names, EGN (Personal No.) of the person, number and period of reservation (for natural persons).
  • - name, Company’s Id. No., VAT Id., number and period of reservation (for companies).

In Balneo hotel Markoni You can pay with Your bank card:

American express Visa Master card

You can send us your questions and messages by filling the form below:

Live from Pavel Banya

Live action camera from the
central square of Pavel Banya